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     World Financial INnovation 


General  Introduction

GANTZ GROUP was founded in 2007, by David M. Gantz, an Israeli business entrepreneur.

David M.Gantz is a world expert, in Mega Financing/Investment field and in the Innovation Technologies field, as well.

He serves as a Senior Advisor for Special Missions !!!

GANTZ GROUP, represent/Director, several private MEGA TRUST FUNDS from the USA & Canada.


**Responsible, for Rockefeller's business development, communication and resource integration in Europe.

GANTZ GROUP, involve, in a Strategic Business Opportunities in, EMEA, Asia, North & South America, with, well connected business Partners.

GANTZ GROUP, have, a direct connection and business cooperation with, Senior Government Representatives, Financial Institutions/Asset' Mgmts', Private Banks, Private Trust Funds & Wealthy Investors.

GANTZ GROUP, focusing mainly in Mega Funding & Investments, Business Development and Consultancy, in the following fields.

- Oil & Gas Drilling.

- Real Estates & Infrastructure.

- Renewal Energy, Water Desalination.

- Agriculture, Transportation, Aviation.                                                                                                      

- Mines, International Trading (Special Metals, Diamonds).

- Merger & Acquisition.

- Innovation Technologies - Civilian & Defense),such as:                     

    * Aviation/Transportation, Security Sys', Cyber,  

    * Satellites, Green Energy, IT, Bio Tech.                                                            

    * Clean Tech, Solar, Water Management & Technology.

    * Environment Technology, etc’.

- Special Mission (Consultancy, Open Doors, BI.).

-Business Development, Negotiation & Contracts Mgmt.

A Theocracy Government traditionally located within the Recognized Sovereign Jurisdictions and Sovereign Treaty Boundaries located in the beautiful Mountains of the Blue Ridge, Appalachian, and Great Smoky Mountains via treaties, and offshore foreign diplomatic offices located globally, and foreign territorial boundary jurisdictions located globally via 8a. & 8.b. international agreements. Any tribal government affairs have remained domestic capital and towns within our traditional treaty boundaries and homeland. Separately any affairs with regards to the State of SCNRFP is located geographically within a State of SCNRFP recognized foreign capital and foreign territories and foreign diplomatic offices.

Secretary of Funding Affairs

Honorable David M. Gantz

                          GANTZ VISION

- To become one, of the leading Financial Innovation Group in the world,

   within the next 3 years. 


- To be a part of the leading Companies, in Charity & Donation.

- To Promote, the PEACE PROCESS, wherever we can. 


  * We are Promoting Humanitarian Projects for the benefit of PEOPLE,

    especially in developing countries.  



                    GANTZ  STRENGTHS

  1.  A Clear and Feasible Vision!!!

  2. A Stable and Profitable Group.

  3. Trust & Professionalism(fulfilling challenges).

  4. World Rich Experience

  5. Mega Funding/Investments for Mega Strategic Projects.

  6. Business Development & Consultancy.

  7. World Presence (well connected) - Government, Companies & Organizations 


For further information, please, do not hesitate to contact us.


David M.O.Gantz- Owner

GANTZ- World Financial Innovation Group :E-Mail:

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