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Established by, Rabbi Elimelech Firer 

"... Since Ezra Lemarpeh's inception, Rav Firer has been investing great efforts on its development and growth, sparing himself nothing, helping tens of thousands in all fields of medical help, while activating an extended framework of volunteers..."

(From the Israel Prize - "rational") For all those who call on him for help, Rav Firer himself serves as a source of inspiration: He has unusual levels of energy, accompanied by patience, cheerfulness and serenity, which are essential conditions for working with the sick, the elderly and the needy, who more than anything else need.

Rav Firer is a model of loving your fellow man, devotion and cheerfulness, as is manifest in the way he welcomes each and every one who comes to his office for consultation and advice, at all hours of the day and night.

His continuous work, on a purely voluntary basis, without thought for any kind of remuneration, has become famous across Israel and also outside the country. Many tens of thousands of people who needed and need his help, found and still find in him a loyal support. Rav Firer is an outstanding person, head and shoulders above the average man, in his own actions and those that are carried out through his power and inspiration, for the benefit of the individual and society in general.

President's Medal recipients stand alongside President Shimon Peres with their awards  Photo credit: Mark Niemann / GPO


The 2014 President's Medals were handed out on Thursday in a ceremony at the President's Residence in Jerusalem.

President Shimon Peres gave the prestigious medals to 8 people,include,Rabbi Elimelech Firer, who established a network providing medical assistance over the last several years.